AIEL FREE FIRE - Qualifier #1

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Tournament Starts Mon, 14 Mar, 3:00 pm


Team Size Squad - Battle Royale

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Participants: 12 / 12Teams

Match Settings

Minimum Participants: 5

Match type: KO

Game Mode: Battle Royale

Map: Bermuda



Tournament Rules



  • Check-in is compulsory for every participant in every round
  • In case a participant fails to check in, he’ll be disqualified.
  • In the case of a participant who has joined for their match but had not checked in, the participant will not be ranked for their match.

How to play for Battle Royale:-

  • Check-in for your event which starts 10 min prior to the player’s specific Round time
  • Get in touch with admin via Website group chat.
  • Room id and Password will be visible after check-in.
  • Check match area for Room id and Password.

Game Rules:-

  • Players Below 30 Level rank will not be allowed to play any match and will be banned from the room.
  • Minimum 10 players are required to start the match or else it shall be deemed canceled.


  • Ranking will be done according to Point System unless mentioned otherwise.
  • For a BO3 Series, the sum of total points from 3 matches will be calculated and players will be ranked according to their accumulated points.

Point System:-

  • Kill Points:- 1 Point per Kill

Survival Points:-

Rank Points
1 15
2 12
3 10
4 8
5 6
6 4
7 2
8 1
9 1
Below 9 0


  • Use of emulators and/or any other device(s) giving an unfair advantage to players is not allowed in the tournament. (Emulators are only allowed in emulator specific tournaments)
  • Players found using hacks and/or mods will be disqualified from the tournament and/or players will be banned from the platform for a certain duration.
  • Teaming up with other players/squad in a tournament will lead to disqualification and/or players will be banned from the platform for a certain duration.

Technical Issue:-

  • It is the player’s responsibility to check their device before starting their match.
  • Any disconnection issue(s) while being in the lobby or from the game will not be entertained unless the same issue(s) is/are faced by a major number of players.


  • Players are advised to check their exact Match time for their Pool on the day of the tournament.
  • SMS/Mail notification will be sent to players relaying their schedule, but it’s the player’s responsibility to be updated with the timings of their specific Pool.
  • Issue(s) regarding schedule change will not be entertained.

Please note: The registration fee is not refundable in case you don’t participate in the tournament.