AIEL FIFA 21 - Qualifier #2

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Tournament Starts Tue, 10 Dec, 3:00 pm

Platform PS4

Team Size 1 v 1 Bracket

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Participants: 32 / 32

Match Settings

Minimum Participants: 2

Match type: KO

Game Mode: Online Friendlies

Half Time: 6

Bracket Schedule
Start End
Round 1Tue, 10 Dec, 3:00 PMTue, 10 Dec, 3:30 PM
Round 2Tue, 10 Dec, 3:31 PMTue, 10 Dec, 4:01 PM
Round 3Tue, 10 Dec, 4:02 PMTue, 10 Dec, 4:32 PM
Round 4Tue, 10 Dec, 4:33 PMTue, 10 Dec, 5:03 PM
Round 5Tue, 10 Dec, 5:04 PMTue, 10 Dec, 5:34 PM


Tournament Rules


Game Settings:-

Game Mode: Online Friendlies

Half Length:  6 Minutes

Controls: Any

Game Speed:  Normal

Squad Type: Online


Injuries: Off

Offsides: On

Bookings: On

Handball: Off

Controller Setting:-

  • Players are responsible for ensuring that their controller configuration is correct at all times.


  • Players can only use a club or national team.
  • Players cannot use any custom-made teams (e.g. Classic XI).
  • Players can only use formations that are already available in the game.
  • Players cannot use custom tactics.
  • Players cannot use Legacy defending.

Match Delay:-

  • Matches must be played in their entirety unless both players agree to delay the match. The match must still be completed before the start time & date of the next tournament round, as listed under the Tournament Schedule.
  • Failure to complete a match before the start time & date of the next tournament round may result in one or both players forfeiting the match.

Etiquette And Forbidden Moves:-

  • Players wishing to make substitutions or change the controller settings must wait until the ball is out of play before making any changes.
  • Players must not pause the game when the ball is in play, otherwise, it may lead to disqualification.
  • Players are not permitted to take control of the goalkeeper in order to make the AI take control of the defense.
  • Some form of cheating providing an unfair advantage or behavior of bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Any player found to be using these or unsporting such behavior will be terminated from the tournament.

In the case of Draw:-

  • Players are required to start a new match and play 45 in-game minutes to decide the final winner.
  • An additional 45 in-game minutes will be played if it still remains a draw until one player wins the match.


  • If the connection fails for either player or the match is draw at that point then the match should be restarted, continuing on from the score at which the game disconnected. The time to be played after the disconnection takes place is as follows
Time Played Time to be Played
0 – 5 minutes Full Match
6 – 10 minutes 85 minutes
11 – 15 minutes 80 minutes
16 – 20 minutes 75 minutes
21 – 25 minutes 70 minutes
26 – 30 minutes 65 minutes
31 – 35 minutes 60 minutes
36 – 40 minutes 55 minutes
41 – 45 minutes 50 minutes
46 – 50 minutes Full Half
51 – 55 minutes 40 minutes
56 – 60 minutes 35 minutes
61 – 65 minutes 30 minutes
66 – 70 minutes 25 minutes
71 – 75 minutes 20 minutes
76 – 80 minutes 15 minutes
81 – 85 minutes 10 minutes
86 – 90 minutes 7 minutes


  • If the connection gets lost from the player who is losing the match at that stage of the game, the other player will be awarded as a winner.
  • If the connection gets lost from the player who is winning at that time, then the match needs to be restarted for the remaining minutes to be played as mentioned above.

Please note: The registration fee is not refundable in case you don’t participate in the tournament.